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Oven with a tray of fresh bread


About Us

Oven Cleaning Cyprus is a family run business cleaning ovens, cookers, cooker hoods, microwaves, BBQ and grills. 

Keeping your oven clean is a chore that seems to be left too long . Our quick, clean, chemical free method allows you to cook straight after our service with no nasty chemical residue left over like most shop bought products that taint the taste of the food you cook.

Our engineer will make sure your oven shines like new.

Our cleaning method will clear any burnt on grease from your cooking, this will stop any of these particles falling into your food the next time you use your oven. Our stress free service allows you to just sit back and relax.

It is not just an oven that needs a deep clean, your cooker hood is extracting steam and oil particles and after a while a build up of grease will stop you cooker hood from working as efficiently as it should or even stop working all together. A thorough clean will remove any bacteria building up internally.

Microwaves, cooker tops, grills, and anything used in your kitchen used for cooking on or in can be cleaned by our team of dedicated engineers. 

When those summer days are with us and you have used BBQ (Braai) but as you go to use it you remember that there is burnt on marinade from the last time you used your grill. Sure you scrub most of it off but you use it again and another layer builds up. We will use our special BBQ chemical free detergent and bath to soak it all away allowing you to enjoy your food to have that clean burnt free taste from your previous BBQ.

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Oven with a tray of fresh bread
Blueberry Muffins

Your oven will be ready for you to use as soon as we are finished.

No chemical residue, smell or taste to ruin the flavour of your food.

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